Introduction to Doorkeep

Welcome to Doorkeep! Doorkeep is an all-in-one visitor management system that streamlines the process of registering, tracking, and managing visitors at your facility. With Doorkeep, you can easily pre-register expected visitors, quickly check-in arrivals with our intuitive kiosk interface, print custom visitor badges, and maintain a secure digital log of all visitor activity. Our system integrates with your existing employee directory for seamless host notification and approval workflows. Doorkeep also supports important security features like watch lists, legal document signing, arrival instructions, and emergency notifications. Whether you have a small office or a large corporate campus, Doorkeep keeps your visitors, employees, and facilities safe and running smoothly.

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Setting up your Account

When you sign up for Doorkeep, you'll be prompted in the Dashboard with reminders what to create and how to best take advantage of what Doorkeep has to offer.

  • Choose your phone number. You have likely already done this. Your Doorkeep phone number is now available to use for all phone calls, call forwarding, voicemail, etc. Be sure to visit the Phone Settings to configure the phone number for incoming calls.
  • Create Properties. Create as many properties as you'd like. Having a property will help you organize and identify the contacts better as they'll be mapped to your property.
  • Create Contacts. Know your contacts phone number now? Get them in Doorkeep and link them to a property.
  • Register for SMS Text Messaging: As a requirement for any US based phone number to send SMS text message, you must register your A2P 10DLC Application. Once approved you'll be able to begin sending text messages to your tenants, owners, vendors and more. Read more about why this is important and how to do it. You'll be able to continue to answer phone calls, dial contacts, use voicemail and other incoming phone call automations.

How Voicemail works

Doorkeep automatically sets up a default voicemail inbox for every account to ensure that all voice messages are recorded, even if you forget to set up your custom voicemail.

To personalize your voicemail, we recommend using the Text to Speak feature. Simply type the message you want your callers to hear, and our system will convert it into a voice message. Alternatively, you can upload a pre-recorded .mp3 file of your own voicemail message. You can update your voicemail message at any time using either method.

Once your voicemail is set up, all incoming calls that reach voicemail will be greeted by your custom message, and the audio will be saved. Your team members can access voicemail messages from the inbox by clicking on the contact or by viewing the call log.

How Call Forwarding works

Doorkeep's call forwarding is designed specifically for property management. Our system allows you to set up different call forwarding rules based on the contact type and their associated property. When a tenant calls, Doorkeep will forward the call to the property manager(s) assigned to their property. If there are multiple property managers, Doorkeep will dial all of them simultaneously.

When you receive a forwarded call from Doorkeep on your personal cell phone, the incoming phone number will display as your Doorkeep number. This helps you easily identify property management-related calls.

If a call is forwarded to multiple users, the first person to answer will hear an announcement from Doorkeep stating who is calling, along with the associated property and unit information, if available.

You can assign specific users to handle calls from different contact types, such as vendors, owners, and "unknown" callers. Tenants are always forwarded to their property's assigned property manager(s). "Unknown" callers are those not identified in your contact list.

If you disable call forwarding for a specific contact type, those calls will be directed to your configured voicemail immediately. This allows you to send certain types of calls, like those from vendors, straight to voicemail.

Call announcements, also known as call screening, can be disabled if you prefer. However, please note that if a contact reaches your personal voicemail instead of Doorkeep's voicemail, their message will not be saved in your Doorkeep inbox.

Congrats, you are ready to start managing your property communications.


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